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AccountSettingsModel class representing Twitter account Social
AccountSettings .SleepTimeThe account's mobile update sleep time Social
AccountSettings .TimeZoneThe account's timezone Social
AccountSettings .TrendLocationThe account's trend location Social
AccountSettingsDataBuilder for account settings data used to update a user's account Social Social
CursoredListList that includes previous and next cursors for paging through items returned from Twitter in cursored Social Social
DirectMessageRepresents a direct Social
DirectMessageOperationsInterface defining the Twitter operations for working with direct Social
EntitiesA json representation of entities found within twitter status Social
FilterStreamParametersDefines the parameters of a filtered Social
FriendOperationsInterface defining the operations for working with a user's friends and Social Social
GeoCode Social
GeoOperationsInterface defining the Twitter operations for working with Social Social
HashTagEntityA representation of tweet Social
ImageSizeenum ImageSizeextends EnumEnumeration of image sizes supported by Social
InvalidMessageRecipientExceptionException thrown when an attempt is made to send a direct message to aninvalid recipient; that is, a recipient who is not following Social
ListOperationsInterface defining the operations for working with a user's Social
MediaEntityA representation of embedded media Social
MentionEntityA user mention Social
MessageTooLongExceptionException indicating that an attempt was made to post a status or send a direct message where the length exceeds Twitter's 140 character Social Social
OEmbedTweetRepresents an oEmbed Tweet Social
PlaceRepresents a place that a Twitter user may send a tweet Social
Place .GeometryRepresents a place's Social
Place Social
Place .GeoPointRepresents a point in geospace ( Social
PlacePrototypeRepresents a new place that could be Social
PlaceTypeenum PlaceTypeextends EnumEnum Constant Social
RateLimitStatusCarries data concerning the rate limit Social Social Social
ResourceFamilyenum ResourceFamilyextends EnumAn enum to facilitate the use of the rate_limit_status endpoint by enumerating all of the Social
SavedSearchRepresents a saved Social
SearchMetadataRepresents the cursor metadata associated with a search query via the Twitter Search Social
SearchOperationsInterface defining the operations for searching Twitter and retrieving trending Social
SearchParametersTwitter search Social
SearchParameters .ResultTypeResultType Social
SearchResultsRepresents the results of a Twitter search, including matching Tweetsand any metadata associated with that Social
SimilarPlacesRepresents the results of a similar places Social
StatusDetailsCarries optional metadata pertaining to a Twitter status Social Social
StreamDeleteEventA stream event indicating that a tweet should be removed from the Social
StreamingExceptionIndicates an error while setting up a stream with the Twitter streaming Social Social
StreamListenerListener interface for clients consuming data from a Twitter Social
StreamWarningEventA stream event warning that the client is stalling and is in danger of being Social
SuggestionCategoryRepresents a suggestion category; a category of users that Twitter may suggest that a user Social
TickerSymbolEntityA representation of embedded ticker symbol Social
TimelineOperationsInterface defining the operations for sending and retrieving Social
TrendRepresents a single trending Social
TrendsRepresents a list of trending topics at a specific point in Social
TweetRepresents a Twitter status update ( Social Social
TwitterInterface specifying a basic set of operations for interacting with Social
TwitterObjectBase class for all Twitter Social
TwitterProfileModel class representing a Twitter user's profile Social
TwitterTemplateThis is the central class for interacting with Social
UrlEntityA representation of a URL found within a tweet Social
UserListRepresents a user-defined Social
UserOperationsInterface defining the operations for retrieving information about Twitter Social
UserStreamParametersDefines the parameters of a user Social
UserStreamParameters Social