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RsXemblyResponse that converts Xembly object to
XeAppendXembly source to append something to an existing
XeChain The class is immutable and
XeDateXembly source to create SLA attribute with current date/time in ISO
XeDirectivesChain of
XeLinkXembly source to create an Atom LINK
XeLinkHomeXembly source to create an HOME Atom LINK
XeLinkSelfXembly source to create an SELF Atom LINK
XeLocalhostXembly source to create SLA attribute with server IP
XeMillisXembly source to create millis element at the
XeSLAXembly source to create SLA attribute with server load
XeSourceSource with Xembly
XeStylesheetXembly source to create an XSL stylesheet processing
XeTransformIterable to transform an iterable of some objects into an iterable of Xembly
XeTransform .FuncFunction to map
XeWhenXembly source that could be empty of could return an encapsulated other Xembly
XeWrapWrap of Xembly