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#Org.uacalc.util Classes and Interfaces - 7 results found.
ArrayIncrementorThis is for in place incrementing of an array.Interfaceorg.uacalc.utilUACalc ( Universal Algebra Calculator )
ArrayStringA static method to print out an array based on Java Tech Tips, Feb 5, 2002.Classorg.uacalc.utilUACalc ( Universal Algebra Calculator )
HornerThis has static methods for the Horner encoding and its inverse.Classorg.uacalc.utilUACalc ( Universal Algebra Calculator )
IntArrayThis class is a wrapper for an array of int's mainly so we can specify the equals and hashCode methods.Classorg.uacalc.utilUACalc ( Universal Algebra Calculator )
PermutationGeneratorThis class is used to help generate permutations of arrays.Classorg.uacalc.utilUACalc ( Universal Algebra Calculator )
SequenceGeneratorThis has utility static methods for sequence generation, including nondecreasing sequences.Classorg.uacalc.utilUACalc ( Universal Algebra Calculator )
SimpleListSimple Linked lists.Classorg.uacalc.utilUACalc ( Universal Algebra Calculator )