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#Org.zkoss.xel.zel Classes and Interfaces - 8 results found.
ClassReflectThe implementation for using ZEL.Classorg.zkoss.xel.zelZKoss (ZK)
ELFactoryAn XEL ExpressionFactory implementation based on ZEL ExpressionFactory.Classorg.zkoss.xel.zelZKoss (ZK)
ELXelExpressionAn XEL Expression that is based on ZEL ValueExpression.Classorg.zkoss.xel.zelZKoss (ZK)
ELXelExpression .ValueReferenceImplClassorg.zkoss.xel.zel.ELXelExpressionZKoss (ZK)
XelELContextAn ZEL context that is based on XEL context.Classorg.zkoss.xel.zelZKoss (ZK)
XelELMapperAn ZEL function mapper that is based on a XEL function mapper.Classorg.zkoss.xel.zelZKoss (ZK)
XelELResolverAn XEL implementation of ZEL ELResolver.Classorg.zkoss.xel.zelZKoss (ZK)
XelELResolver .StandardBeanNameResolverClassorg.zkoss.xel.zel.XelELResolverZKoss (ZK)