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#Rx.schedulers Classes and Interfaces - 7 results found.
ImmediateSchedulerExecutes work immediately on the current thread.Classrx.schedulersRxJavajavadoc
NewThreadSchedulerSchedules work on a new thread.Classrx.schedulersRxJavajavadoc
SchedulersStatic factory methods for creating Schedulers.Classrx.schedulersRxJavajavadoc
TestSchedulerThe TestScheduler is useful for debugging.Classrx.schedulersRxJavajavadoc
TimeIntervalA TimeInterval represents an item emitted by an Observable along with the amount of time that elapsed either since the emission of the previous item or (if there was no previous item) since theClassrx.schedulersRxJavajavadoc
TimestampedComposite class that takes a value and a timestamp and wraps them.Classrx.schedulersRxJavajavadoc
TrampolineSchedulerSchedules work on the current thread but does not execute immediately.Classrx.schedulersRxJavajavadoc

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