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#Sim.display3d Classes and Interfaces - 4 results found.
CapturingCanvas3DCanvas3D that is synchronized with Display3D and uses postswap to save the contextGraphics intoClasssim.display3dMason
Display3DDisplay3D holds, displays, and manipulates 3D Portrayal objects, allowing the user to scale them, rotate them, translate them, magnify them, change how often they're updated, take snapshots, and generate Quicktime movies.Classsim.display3dMason
SelectionBehaviorA behavior added to Display3Ds which enables Portrayal3Ds to be selected (via Java3D picking).Classsim.display3dMason
ToolTipBehaviorA behavior similar to SelectionBehavior, except you don't have to double-click and the resulting info is presented in a tool-tip, not theClasssim.display3dMason