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#Sim.portrayal3d.grid.quad Classes and Interfaces - 8 results found.
MeshPortrayalA QuadPortrayal which relates grid locations with intersections on a mesh (like positions on a Go board, coloring and changing the Z location of the intersections.Classsim.portrayal3d.grid.quadMason
QuadPortrayalA QuadPortrayal is the abstract superclass of objects which describe how rectangles in a in a ValueGrid2DPortrayal3D are associated with the underlying ValueGrid2D.Classsim.portrayal3d.grid.quadMason
QuadPortrayal .DoubleFilterClasssim.portrayal3d.grid.quadMason
QuadPortrayal .FilterClasssim.portrayal3d.grid.quadMason
QuadPortrayal .IntFilterClasssim.portrayal3d.grid.quadMason
QuadPortrayal .ObjectFilterClasssim.portrayal3d.grid.quadMason
TilePortrayalA QuadPortrayal which describes locations as the center of a square in a grid (like tiles on the floor, each tile corresponding to a location on the grid).Classsim.portrayal3d.grid.quadMason
ValueGridCellInfoUsed by ValueGrid2DPortrayal3D to send needed value information to underlying QuadPortrayals.Classsim.portrayal3d.grid.quadMason