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#Spock.util Classes and Interfaces - 11 results found.
AsyncConditionsAlternative to class BlockingVariable(s) that allows to evaluate conditions in a thread other than the spec runner's thread(s).Classspock.util.concurrentSpock
BlockingVariableA statically typed variable whose get() method will block until some other thread has set a value with the set() method, or a timeout expires.Classspock.util.concurrentSpock
ConfineMetaClassChangesConfines any changes made to the meta classes of the specified classes to the annotated scope.Classspock.util.mopSpock
JvmProvides information on the current JVM, such as its Java version.Classspock.util.environmentSpock
OperatingSystemProvides information on the current operating system, such as its name, version, and family.Classspock.util.environmentSpock
OperatingSystem .FamilyAn operating system family.Classspock.util.environment.OperatingSystemSpock
PollingConditionsRepeatedly evaluates one or more conditions until they are satisfied or a timeout has elapsed.Classspock.util.concurrentSpock
RestoreSystemPropertiesSaves system properties before the annotated feature method (including any setup and cleanup methods) gets run, and restores them afterwards.Classspock.util.environmentSpock
UseActivates one or more Groovy categories while the annotated spec method or class executes.Classspock.util.mopSpock