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NameDescriptionTypePackageFrameworkJavaDoc WebLogicjavadoc
PrincipalValidatorImplThe runtime class for the WebLogic Principal Validation provider, which signs and validates WebLogicjavadoc
SAMLAssertingPartyRepresents a SAML Asserting Party entry in the LDAP Asserting Party WebLogicjavadoc
SAMLAssertionStoreSAMLAssertionStore defines an interface for storing and retrieving SAML assertions for use with the Artifact WebLogicjavadoc
SAMLAssertionStoreV2SAMLAssertionStoreV2 extends the SAMLAssertionStore interface, adding methods to support identification and authentication WebLogicjavadoc
SAMLAssertionStoreV2 .AssertionInfoThe AssertionInfo class is returned by WebLogicjavadoc
SAMLAttributeInfoA class that represents a single attribute of a SAMLAssertion WebLogicjavadoc
SAMLAttributeStatementInfoA class that represents an AttributeStatement in a WebLogicjavadoc
SAMLCommonPartnerAbstract representation of attributes common to a SAML WebLogicjavadoc
SAMLCredentialAttributeMapperInterface used to perform mapping from Subject to SAMLAssertion WebLogicjavadoc
SAMLCredentialNameMapperInterface used to perform mapping of user and group information to SAML WebLogicjavadoc
SAMLIdentityAssertionAttributeMapperInterface used to perform mapping from SAML Attribute Statement to Attribute WebLogicjavadoc
SAMLIdentityAssertionNameMapperInterface used to perform mapping of user and group information from SAML WebLogicjavadoc
SAMLNameMapperInfoThe SAMLNameMapperInfo is used to represent user name and group information for SAML WebLogicjavadoc
SAMLPartnerAbstract representation of a SAML WebLogicjavadoc
SAMLRelyingPartyRepresents a SAML Relying Party entry in the SAML Relying Party WebLogicjavadoc
SAMLUsedAssertionCacheSAMLUsedAssertionCache defines an interface for storing and checking information about consumed SAML assertions so that WebLogicjavadoc
UserNameMapperInterface used to perform certificate-based and distinguished name user WebLogicjavadoc

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