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ExternalDirectoryExceptionException thrown when an unexpected situation occurs while trying to access an external directory server (eg.Classwt.orgWindChill
LDAPFDACompliantSignatureEngineA signature engine which requires a username and password to be
LDAPPasswordSignatureEngineA signature engine which requires a password to be
MasterIteration Use the newMasterIteration static factory method(s), not the MasterIteration constructor, to construct instancesClasswt.orgWindChill
OrganizationOwnedImplThis interface is designed to be implemented by business object e.Interfacewt.orgWindChill
OrganizationOwnedMasterThis interface is designed to be implemented by Mastered objects.Interfacewt.orgWindChill
OrganizationOwnedVersionThis interface is designed to be implemented by Versioned objects (e.Interfacewt.orgWindChill
OrganizationServicesExceptionBase class of the hierarchy for organization services exceptions.Classwt.orgWindChill
OrganizationServicesHelperClass that provides convenient access to the Organization Services manager Supported API: trueClasswt.orgWindChill
OrganizationServicesManagerInterface containing methods for querying and manipulating users and groups.Interfacewt.orgWindChill
PrincipalCollationKeyFactoryA collation key factory for Principals Supported API: trueClasswt.orgWindChill
PrincipalNameExceptionException thrown when an invalid name is provided for a principal.Classwt.orgWindChill
SigVariableInfoData container bean holding information pertaining to a variable used by signature engines to expose the attributes needed in verifying a
SignInterface to be used to set an ElectronicallySignable objects
SignElectronicSignatureConcrete class for signing an
SignatureEngineFactoryFactory to return currently installed signature
SignatureInvalidExceptionSignatureInvalidException is thrown when a signing attempt has
StandardOrganizationServicesManagerStandard implementation of the Organization Services Manager interface.Classwt.orgWindChill
UserNotFoundExceptionException thrown when a user can't be found in the system.Classwt.orgWindChill
WTGroup Use the newWTGroup static factory method(s), not the WTGroup constructor, to construct instances of this class.Classwt.orgWindChill
WTOrganization Use the newWTOrganization static factory method(s), not the WTOrganization constructor, to construct instances ofClasswt.orgWindChill
WTOrganizationIdentifier Use the newWTOrganizationIdentifier static factory method(s), not the WTOrganizationIdentifier constructor, to constructClasswt.orgWindChill
WTPrincipalAbstract class that represents a user or a group of users.Classwt.orgWindChill
WTPrincipalReferenceReference to a principal object.Classwt.orgWindChill
WTPrincipalReferenceSearchSearch for a reference to the WTPrincipal listed.Classwt.orgWindChill
WTUserThe WTUser class represents users of the system.Classwt.orgWindChill