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    public X509Certificate createCertificate(X500Principal issuerDN, PrivateKey issuerKey, String name, Date notBefore, Date notAfter, PublicKey key) throws IllegalArgumentException {

try {

X500Name issuer = new X500Name(issuerDN.getName());

X500Name commonName = new X500Name(name);

BigInteger serial = BigInteger.valueOf(++m_serial);

SubjectPublicKeyInfo pubKeyInfo = convertToSubjectPublicKeyInfo(key);

X509v3CertificateBuilder builder = new X509v3CertificateBuilder(issuer, serial, notBefore, notAfter, commonName, pubKeyInfo);

X509CertificateHolder certHolder = JcaContentSignerBuilder(SIGNATURE_ALGORITHM).build(issuerKey));

return new JcaX509CertificateConverter().getCertificate(certHolder);


catch (IllegalArgumentException e) {

throw e;


catch (Exception e) {

throw new RuntimeException(e);



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