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 Sample 1. Get Date using ZonedDateTime and LocalDateTime

ZonedDateTime zonedDatetime = ZonedDateTime.of(201, 1, 31, 14, 35, 12, 123, ZoneId.of("UTC-11"));

LocalDateTime localDateTime = LocalDateTime.of(2015, 03, 10, 13, 36);

ZonedDateTime zonedDatetime2 ="merica/Chicago"));

ZonedDateTime zonedDatetime3 = ZonedDateTime.of(localDateTime, ZoneId.of("America/Chicago"));

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 Sample 2. Initialize Joda DateTime

DateTime dt = new DateTime("2016-12-18T22:34:41.311-07:00");

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 Sample 3. Use java.time.format.DateTimeFormatter to Parse date in the format YYYYMMDD+HHmmss

DateTimeFormatter dateTimeFormatter = new DateTimeFormatterBuilder()
.appendValue(YEAR, 4)
.appendValue(MONTH_OF_YEAR, 2)
.appendValue(DAY_OF_MONTH, 2)
.appendOffset("+HHMMss", "Z")

TemporalAccessor temporal = null;

try {
temporal = dateTimeFormatter.parse("2016101+235700");
System.out.println(temporal.toString()); // prints {OffsetSeconds=86220},ISO resolved to 2016-01-01
} catch (DateTimeParseException ex){
System.out.println("Error parsing date");

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 Sample 4. Code Sample / Example / Snippet of java.time.LocalDateTime

    public boolean equals(Object obj) {

if (this == obj) {

return true;


if (obj instanceof LocalDateTime) {

LocalDateTime other = (LocalDateTime) obj;

return date.equals( && time.equals(other.time);


return false;


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 Sample 5. Code Sample / Example / Snippet of java.time.ZonedDateTime

    public long until(Temporal endExclusive, TemporalUnit unit) {

ZonedDateTime end = ZonedDateTime.from(endExclusive);

if (unit instanceof ChronoUnit) {

end = end.withZoneSameInstant(zone);

if (unit.isDateBased()) {

return dateTime.until(end.dateTime, unit);

} else {

return toOffsetDateTime().until(end.toOffsetDateTime(), unit);



return unit.between(this, end);


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 Sample 6. Populate DateFormat using SimpleDateFormat

public JsonElement serialize(Event e, Type typeOfSrc, JsonSerializationContext context) {
DateFormat format = SimpleDateFormat.getDateTimeInstance();
JsonObject event = new JsonObject();
event.addProperty("time", format.format(new Date(e.getTime())));
return event;

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