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 Sample 1. Convert Time in milliseconds to Days

TimeUnit.DAYS.convert(timeinMs, TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS)

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 Sample 2. Time Taken to call a method or service

Date date1 = new Date();

// Call Service or Method

Date date2 = new Date();
System.out.println(TimeUnit.SECONDS.convert(date2.getTime()-date1.getTime(), TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS));// Time Taken in Seconds
System.out.println(TimeUnit.MINUTES.convert(date2.getTime()-date1.getTime(), TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS));// Time Taken in Minutes
System.out.println(TimeUnit.HOURS.convert(date2.getTime()-date1.getTime(), TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS));// Time Taken in Hours

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 Sample 3. Clear Map entries after expiration time using Apache commons PassiveExpiringMap

PassiveExpiringMap<String,String> cache = new PassiveExpiringMap<String,String>(1,TimeUnit.SECONDS); // Expiration time of 1 sec
cache.put("Key1", "Value1");
System.out.println(cache.containsKey("Key1")); // prints true
System.out.println(cache.containsKey("Key1")); // prints false

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 Sample 4. Code Sample / Example / Snippet of org.apache.calcite.avatica.util.TimeUnitRange

  private void checkTimestampString(String s, long d) {

assertThat(unixTimestampToString(d), equalTo(s));

assertThat(timestampStringToUnixDate(s), equalTo(d));


@Test public void testIntervalYearMonthToString() {

TimeUnitRange range = TimeUnitRange.YEAR_TO_MONTH;

assertEquals("+0-00", intervalYearMonthToString(0, range));

assertEquals("+1-00", intervalYearMonthToString(12, range));

assertEquals("+1-01", intervalYearMonthToString(13, range));

assertEquals("-1-01", intervalYearMonthToString(-13, range));


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