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 Sample 1. Java Code to get all images url from html code.

regex = Pattern.compile("[http]");
regexMatcher = regex.matcher(htmlParseData.getHtml());
List tr=htmlParseData.getOutgoingUrls();
if(tr.get(i).toString().contains(".jpg") || tr.get(i).toString().contains(".jpeg") || tr.get(i).toString().contains(".gif") || tr.get(i).toString().contains(".bmp")){
url = new URL(tr.get(i).toString());
Image image = new ImageIcon(url).getImage();

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 Sample 2. Ajax / Jquery call to decide on showing html page section

function hideXYZSection(){

    sendAjaxGetCall(“/resourceUrl?input=”+input) .done(function(data) {
         if(data == 'true'){
             $("#sectionDivId").show(); // show or hide

     }).fail(function(xhr, error) {

           console.log('error: ' + xhr.statusText);



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 Sample 3. Method to get Text / html info from edu.uci.ics.crawler4j.crawler.Page

private void crawlPageInfo(Page page){
try {
String url = page.getWebURL().getURL();

if (page.getParseData() instanceof HtmlParseData) {
HtmlParseData htmlParseData = (HtmlParseData) page.getParseData();
TextParser parser = new TextParser(htmlParseData.getText());
} catch(Exception ex){

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