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Frequently asked to fresh graduates and less experienced.
 Q1. Why do we write public static void main ? Can we use some other syntax too for main ?Core Java
Ans. 1. public is the access modifier that makes the method accessible from anywhere, static is the keyword that makes it accessible even without creating any object, void means it doesn't return anything , String args[] is the array of argument that the method receives.

2. If we use main without the string args , it will compile correctly as Java will treat it as just another method. It wont be the method "main" which Java looks for when it looks to execute the class and hence will throw

Error: Main method not found in class , please define the main method as:
public static void main(String[] args)

3. Main is not a keyword but a special string that Java looks for while initiating the main thread.

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Frequently asked to fresh graduates.
 Q2. What is ACID ?Database2016-11-04 08:09:44

Ans. ACID stands for Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability is a set of properties of database transactions.

Atomicity means all or nothing. i.e parts of a transaction shouldn't commit if any one of them fails. Either the whole transaction should succeed or it should be complete rollback.

Consistency means that any transaction should lead database from one stabe state to another.

Isolation means that the execution of transaction results in a system state that would be obtained if transactions were executed serially.

Durability means that when a transaction is committed it forms the permanent state of database.

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  Q3. Write a Program to check if 2 strings are Anagrams ?Core Java2016-11-30 20:52:37

Ans. public void checkIfAnagram(String str1,String str2){
boolean anagram = true;
for(char c:str1.toCharArray()){
System.out.println("Strings are Anagrams");
anagram = false;

if(anagram == true){
System.out.println("Strings are not Anagrams");

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  Q4. Difference between jar , war and ear ?Java EE
Ans. Jar is Java Archieve i.e compressed Class or Class / Java files.

War comprises of compressed Servlet class files,JSP FIles,supporting files, GIF and HTML files.

Ear comprise of compressed Java and web module files ( was files ).

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  Q5. Why java doesn't support multiple Inheritance ?


Explain Java Diamond Problem.
Core Java2017-01-09 11:45:34

Ans. class A {
void test() {
System.out.println("test() method");

class B {
void test() {
System.out.println("test() method");

Suppose if Java allows multiple inheritance like this,

class C extends A, B {

A and B test() methods are inheriting to C class.

So which test() method C class will take? As A & B class test() methods are different , So here we would Facing Ambiguity.

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 Q6. write a program for 4 digit otp generation?Design2019-01-16 10:10:45

 This question was recently asked at 'Infinite Computer Solutions'.This question is still unanswered. Can you please provide an answer.

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