Explain Static nested Classes ?

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 Q1. Explain Static nested Classes ?
Ans. The accessibility (public, protected, etc.) of the static nested class is defined by the outer class.

A static nested class is not an inner class, it's a top-level nested class.

The name of the static nested class is expressed with OuterClassName.NestedClassName syntax.

When you define an inner nested class (or interface) inside an interface, the nested class is declared implicitly public and static.

Static nested classes can be declared abstract or final.

Static nested classes can extend another class or it can be used as a base class.

Static nested classes can have static members.

Static nested classes can access the members of the outer class (only static members, obviously).

The outer class can also access the members (even private members) of the nested class through an object of nested class. If you don't declare an instance of the nested class, the outer class cannot access nested class elements directly.

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