Which of the following code is correct ?<br/><br/>a. Date date = DateFormat.newInstance(DateFormat.LONG, Locale.US).parse(str); <br/><br/>b. Date date = DateFormat.newInstance(DateFormat.LONG, Locale.US).format(str); <br/><br/>c. Date date = DateFormat.getDateInstance(DateFormat.LONG, Locale.US).parse(str);

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 Q1. Which of the following code is correct ?

a. Date date = DateFormat.newInstance(DateFormat.LONG, Locale.US).parse(str);

b. Date date = DateFormat.newInstance(DateFormat.LONG, Locale.US).format(str);

c. Date date = DateFormat.getDateInstance(DateFormat.LONG, Locale.US).parse(str);
Core Java
Ans. c

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