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Java Concurrency in Practice


Design - Interview Questions and Answers for 'Concur' - 2 question(s) found - Order By Newest

Almost sure to be asked in every company using any Dependency Injection framework ( Spring, Guice etc )
  Q1. What is Dependency Injection or IOC ( Inversion of Control ) ?Design

Ans. It is a Design Pattern that facilitates loose coupling by sending the dependency information ( object references of dependent object ) while building the state of the object. Objects are designed in a manner where they receive instances of the objects from other pieces of code, instead of constructing them internally and hence provide better flexibility.

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 Q2. If you need to consume messages from the queue faster, which approach will you recommend - batching or concurrency ?Design2017-07-24 13:34:47

Ans. Each has it's own advantages

Batching requires less resources but may result in loosing whole batch in case of failure whereas concurrency even though is little more expensive in terms of resources but would result in minimal loss in case of failure.

In case messages are to be consumed in a particular order, batching them in that order and then consuming them makes better sense.

if incoming messages are not continuous , it makes more sense to do concurrency as we need not wait for all messages to form a batch and flush. Though time sensitivity can be added but that would add unnecessary complexity.

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