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Database - Interview Questions and Answers for 'Sequence' - 3 question(s) found - Order By Newest

 Q1. What is the use of @GeneratedValue annotation in Hibernate?Hibernate
Ans. This annotation is added to the auto increment column with the strategy to increment the column value. Usually this is added to the surrogate primary key column and specified with the Database Sequence.

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 Q2. What is a Database sequence ?Database2016-10-18 11:30:07

Ans. Its a feature wherein database creates unique values incremental values to be stored as primary key for the table.

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 Q3. What is the order in which triggers gets fired ?Database2017-05-24 20:38:35

Ans. There is no specific order in which database fires the triggers if they are for the same operation. If we need to have a specific order for their execution, we should have them all in a stored procedure and the procedure should get executed upon the event.

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