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Frequently asked at Manhattan Associates ( Based on 2 feedback )
  Q1. What is a Lambda Expression ? What's its use ?Core Java
Ans. Its an anonymous method without any declaration.

Lambda Expression are useful to write shorthand Code and hence saves the effort of writing lengthy Code.

It promotes Developer productivity, Better Readable and Reliable code.

  Sample Code for lambda

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 Q2. Can you name some of the Java frameworks in different domains ?Frameworks2017-01-23 09:41:33

Ans. Web Framework - Spring , Struts, Play
Dependency Injection frameworks - Google Guice , PicoContainer and Dagger
ORM Framework - Hibernate
Big Data / ETL Frameworks - Apche Hadoop , Apache Crunch, Apache Spark.
View Frameworks - JSF , Apache Wicket,jtwig.
Java Gui Frameworks - SWT , AWT, JavaFX
Testing - Junit, Mockito, PowerMock, EasyMock, JMock, JMockit
Rest Web services - Jersey , Restlet , RestX, RestEasy ,Restfulie

Here is the big list for reference -

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