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 Sample 1. Shell Script for Log4j Log Analysis and exception reporting


`grep "xception" Out.log >> /home/xyz/test1`
`cat /home/xyz/test1 | sed -n 's/.* ([^ ]*xception[^ ]*) .*/1/p' | awk '!x[$0]++' >> /home/xyz/test2`

`rm test3`

while read line
lineNum=`sed -n "/$line/,/EST/{=;q;}" Out.log`
let bl=$lineNum-5
let el=$lineNum+15
echo "*************************************************

" >> test3
`sed -n "$bl,$el p" Out.log >> test3`
echo "

" >> test3
done < "/home/xyz/test2"

`cat test3 | /bin/mail -s $EMAIL_SUBJECT $EMAIL_TO`

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